A couple of Christmases ago, I received a generous and unexpected gift of cash. Loving all things literary, I decided to purchase a basic Kindle. Although I didn’t expend a great deal of effort researching other ereader options, I felt Amazon’s Kindle was the best fit for my reading habits.

I began purchasing books on my Kindle through Amazon’s online Kindle Store. In addition, most books published prior to 1923 are free, and there are several websites/blogs that will notify readers by email or Facebook updates of free or deeply discounted titles available for the Kindle. I downloaded a slew of classics and ebooks by independent authors.

One purchase was a new release by a favorite author of mine that was priced considerably lower than the hardcover edition. I added the book to my Kindle library, read it, and then promptly archived it.

My Kindle is one of my favorite possessions. It is simple to transport. It can be read while waiting for an appointment, at the salon, while getting the oil changed or in the comfort of my own home. I can easily fit an enormous book, and then some, in my handbag. One book can be finished and another started without leaving my favorite chair. In addition, the boredom factor in many situations is lowered by the availability of games, newspapers and magazines on the Kindle that are more current than those available in most waiting areas.

However, I continue to buy books in hardcopy (both hardback and soft covers) for several reasons: I collect titles by certain favorite authors, and prefer their books in print; flipping through the pages of our latest book club selection is easier than navigating through an ereader; I love books and that “new book smell”; and I like having tomes to put on my bookshelves.

A chance to attend a luncheon with the author of the previously mentioned new release occurred about 18 months after I bought the book in Kindle format. I searched high and low for the title that the writer was slated to discuss, not remembering where I had put it, but knowing that I had read and enjoyed the book. It was finally located in my Kindle archives.

Now, how was I going to obtain the author’s signature on an ereader?? This writer is one of my all-time favorites!! How could I pass up this opportunity?? Well, I couldn’t, so I bought a print copy of the book at the gathering, and happily had it personally inscribed by my favored author, even though it meant buying the same title twice.

So, which do you prefer? Paper or plastic? There’s room for both pages in my book!

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