It’s been too many days, dearreader, since I have reviewed a new title for you; please allow me to apologize for that. No, I have not thrown in the towel after just one week, I’ve simply been underwhelmed by three horrid books!

I recently received two books for pre-release reviews. You may have read About thebooklookery last week, and made note of the genres I prefer to read and write about. Both of these books were profiled in categories I enjoy — Historical Fiction and Mystery. Unfortunately neither were as described. Both novels had strong elements of genres I truly dislike.

The first title I gave up on after struggling through just the first three pages (and I mean slogging)! The second novel I stuck with for over half the tale before asking myself — is this really necessary? I decided it wasn’t.

I turned next to a book I had chosen because the protagonists in the story were both born on the day the Berlin Wall fell. My first child was born on this day, so it sounded like something special. In fact, some of the reviews said it was “life-altering” and would change the reader’s outlook on the world. Both admirable qualities in a piece of writing. Sadly, for me it did neither. Again, the genre was not as described, and while the story was so-so, and I finished it, it fell short of my expectations.

So after attempting to read three books I’d rate as so-so to truly lousy, it made me think — just when do I call it quits when it is a chore reading something other than a required textbook?

For me, it depends on a couple of questions:  One — is reading this book really worth my time? In the case of the first book, where I read the first few pages repeatedly, trying to get “into” the story, absolutely not! Two — is the story something I might end up liking? In spite of trying to enjoy the second book, it proved impossible to do so. And three — did I pay for the book? In this case, only the third book was purchased, so I felt more compelled to finish it.

So when do you, dearreader call it quits? After three mind-numbing duds, I am moving on to some brain candy from a favorite “beach read” author, Spring Fever  by Mary Kay Andrews. Definitely fluff, and easy on the intellect, but at least she’s fun to read!

See you back here soon!

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