As of this writing, I have celebrated the anniversary of my 22nd birthday for 30 years. I’ve loved reading and writing since childhood, and much like author Tasha Alexander, I chose to major in English (with an Emphasis in Criticism) as an excuse to read something more exciting than the average textbook.

That being said, I am proud to say that I graduated in the top 75% of my class from The University of California at Irvine, which is continously rated as one of the top five universities in the US for its English program. In spite of this, I am known to happily split infinitives, dangle participles, mix metaphors and commit otherwise heinous acts of grammatical turpitude. You have been warned, dearreader.

I worked my way through high school and college in my hometown and university libraries, including the UCI Medical School Library. I convinced my university friends that it was my job at that library to release the cadavers each day to the medical students for dissection. They believed me.

A thirteen year career in the financial industry followed before I left the working world to preserve my sanity.

Please bear with me, dearreader, as I flex and strengthen my atrophied writing and critiquing muscles. Hopefully thereader will see a maturation of the reviews in thebooklookery from something not unlike a fifth grade book report to a more polished literary analysis.

I have three young adult children, and live with them in a Southern California beach town. I remain technically married, but am hard at work correcting that situation.


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