Welcome to thebooklookery, where taking a look at books is bound (pun intended) to be a page-turning experience for you, thereader, as well as for me, yourstruly!

thebooklookery is a blog of book reviews featuring literary works read by yourstruly. The reviewed publications will not always be the most recent releases or the current best-sellers. And chosen genres will vary according to the whims of yourstruly, as will the frequency of the blog posts.

The genres most often covered on thebooklookery will be: Contemporary Fiction, Classics, Mysteries, Historical Fiction, Biographies/Autobiographies and Memoirs, Chick Lit (we all need brain candy once in a while), Independent Authors, Historical Non-Fiction and some General Non-Fiction.

Occasionally, the following genres will be reviewed by yourstruly:  Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult, Humor, Short Stories and Novellas.

Rarely, if ever, will these literary categories be featured on thebooklookery: Horror, Westerns, Most Sci-Fi, Graphic Novels, Erotica, Self-Help or Children’s Literature.

With these topics in mind, recommendations for reading material from you, thereader are welcome. Contact thebooklookery and yourstruly at booklookery@gmail.com, and take a lookery and “like” my Facebook page, thebooklookery!

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